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Cartographics International are experts in custom mapmaking. We work closely with all our valued clients to design the perfect map to meet their business and marketing requirements. By choosing a custom map, you are ensuring your map is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Further, we specialise in creating maps that are innovative and useable, with an artistic focus that complements the sound, technical structure.

Cartographics International uses a wide variety of diverse resources to create each and every map, including natural, physical and demographic data. By employing the fundamental rules of cartographic and graphic design, Cartographics International ensures your bespoke map is an effective communication tool. We carefully consider each and every piece of information so nothing is overlooked.

Why Does My Business Need a Custom Map?

While there are apps and cheap maps available nowadays, many of these suffer from excessive amounts of “cartographic noise”. This occurs when maps are crowded with information that is just not relevant to what your business wants to convey to your customers.

For example, a fine dining restaurant may not want to show the location of every fast food restaurant in the same street. A law firm doesn’t want to advertise for their competitor across the road.

While adding a Google map to your website may be helpful to customers, it is not necessarily helpful to your business. Google maps do not allow you to pick and choose what you want to show. Further, Google’s terms of service ban the modification of their maps in any way. As a result, you are forced to use them as they are. Many clients find that the maps either show far too much information, ie: cartographic noise, or have not been updated enough to show the location of their business.

Further, if for some reason your app breaks or Google Maps is down, then your website or business is without a reliable map for your customers.

So why rely on the whims of a third-party application, when you can control the content yourself?

Do I Need a Custom Map?

Ask yourself the following questions about your current map, is it:

  • Accurately covering your location?
  • Showing the information you want?
  • Presenting information you don’t need?
  • Showing information in a distracting way?
  • Presenting too much or too little detail?
  • Inaccurate?
  • Difficult to read?
  • Unable to be appropriately scaled?
  • Not branded
  • Unsuitable for publication
  • Just doesn’t look good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a bespoke map from Cartographics International!

Create a Map

Cartographics International works with you to create a truly bespoke map for your business. We ensure all data is presented correctly, so the map is easily interpreted. As a result we create the best cartographic design for your needs.

We are excited to work with you to create a map that truly represents your business. Let us help you give your customers the right information, the first time. Don’t settle for cartographic noise and unreliable apps. Create a custom map today with the experts at Cartographics International.