Have fun playing around with the widgets and exploring the maps.




The FIRST is an interactive, but static, map:

  • You can zoom the map, and by hovering or clicking on any symbol, information about that earthquake pops up. The symbol size reflects the relative size of the earthquakes.

  • On the timeline at the bottom of the map, you can see the number of earthquakes on any day by hovering the pointer.

  • Clicking on a particular day, the locations of only that days earthquakes appear.

  • The ‘mag’ widget on the right enables the exploration of earthquake locations by earthquake magnitude.

  • As an example, in the October 2017 map, it is interesting to zoom into the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico near where the M8.1 earthquake occurred, 87km SW of Pijijiapan. At the zoom level pictured below, it shows some 137 earthquakes (M4.5+) between the 7th and the 30th of September.

The SECOND animated map:


  • The timeline at the bottom of this map is animated showing the earthquakes in a time sequence as they happened. This timeline can be paused, and then the time cursor can be moved manually.

  • Again it is interesting, in the October 2017 map, to zoom into the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. There you can see same events with a time component. Personally I was struck by the sheer number of earthquakes in a small area over a relatively short period of time.